We're working hard to create a new experiential community for spiritual seekers of all stripes and kinds.

Regardless of your current or past spiritual connections, Project One Network can help you connect with others seeking a more complete connection with their own Divinity.

Coming January, 2021


As we build out the Project One Network, we would like to keep you informed.
We will be giving early access to some, and we will be reaching out to others to create content, training, and other resources for our community.

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Calling all Creators

If you're a teacher, spiritual leader, author, instructor, or simply feel you have something of value to offer members of the Project One Network, we'd love to hear from you right away. We're currently assembling content, courses, and programs for our members in anticipation of our launch. You could be part of our Creation Team.

We're seeking people who can share — free and/or for pay — spirit-based insights on metaphysics, scripture, prayer and meditation, comparative religions, self-improvement, health and diet, recovery, and relationships.

If you feel inspired to see if we are a good fit for your talents, please click the button below and fill out the simple form to begin this process.
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