Learn How to Create Your Desires

Based on the seminal work by Neville Goddard

Learn from one of the pioneering new thought minds of the 20th century in this updated, contemporized course.

It will change the way you look at creating prosperity, health, and love in your life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    The I AM That I AM

  • 2

    The Power of Imagination

    • Power of Assumption

    • Desire

    • The Truth That Sets You Free

    • Attention

    • Attitude

    • Renunciation

  • 3

    Creating Your Desires

    • Preparing Your Place

    • Creation

    • Interference

    • Subjective Control

    • Acceptance

  • 4

    Living the Law of Assumption

    • The Effortless Way

    • The Crown of the Mysteries

    • Personal Impotence

    • All Things are Possible

    • Be Ye Doers

  • 5

    Develop a Life of Assurance

    • Essentials

    • Righteousness

    • Free Will

    • Persistence

    • Failure

    • Faith

    • Destiny

    • Reverence



Bret Williams

Bret is a lifelong student of New Thought and Christian theology. An author and speaker, Bret is also the Pastor of a Unity congregation. Serves as CEO of Project One Network.