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Introducing Project One Network Communities

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For Congregations

We can help you grow your followers

Our mission is to help seekers discover spiritual Truths. That's also why they attend your services and programs.

We're here to partner with you: offer more to your members and raise funds for your own mission.

If you're interested in learning more about how you can leverage Project One Network Communities to help your congregation, Inquire Below.

For congregations

Special Interest Communities

Share inspirations and knowledge

Project One Network members come from many walks of life. Many share intense interests in spiritual lifestyle subjects such as nutrition, exercise, travel, culture, and more.

These interests can be wonderfully supported and shared by Project One Network Seekers. Enrich your journey by connecting with many different Communities

If you have a special interest for which you'd like to create a Special Interest Community, please let us know! We're very keen on supporting Communities that are relevant to the mission of Project One Network.